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Artists for Palestine Sticker Bundle

Artists for Palestine Sticker Bundle

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All 8 mini stickers are waterproof, 1x1inches, and can be handed out at protests, gatherings, shared with friends, etc. Our goal is to sell 100 bundles! FREE SHIPPING!

100% of the funds from this sticker bundle will be donated to HEAL Palestine:

"Through Health, Education, Aid, and Leadership, HEAL Palestine is working to provide every young Palestinian in Gaza a chance for a brighter future.

With your support, we provide urgent and long-term solutions to Gaza’s youth, offering hope and opportunities where they are needed most. Only through our collective efforts, can Gaza’s youth be healed.

HEAL Palestine is a nonpolitical, nonprofit humanitarian organization with leaders with more than three decades of building programs and projects in Palestine. Every contribution is critical to creating a world where Gaza’s youth have a chance at a better life."
Super huge thank you to the artists who generously donated their drawings for this bundle: Ameya Okamoto, Phoebe at Pandr Design Co, Natalie Van Oyen, Sam Lao, Coco Clem, Christina Kwan, Cyn at Chalk and Brush Design Co, and Colette Bernard.

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